Social Media tops Google Traffic and Keeps Growing

Social Media tops Google Traffic and Keeps Growing

This last year, Social Media has doubled its user base, and statistics show it will continue to increase.  For the first time, Social Media had more traffic than Google, and it is expected to keep growing.

A new report released by the leading global online competitive intelligence service, Hitwise, shows that Social Media sites was the most visited on Christmas day.    

Is your company information, product offerings, service experiences, and links to your website being shared amongst the 3.5 billion pieces of content posted on Facebook every week?  

Users everywhere can’t help but use Facebook as their gateway to quickly share web links, news stories, blog posts, and other information that they find interesting with one another.  Of the 350 million users, an average of 50% log on to Facebook daily.  Together these active Facebook users share more than 3.5 billion pieces of content per week. 

Does your company have its own Social Media Page? 

The latest figures released from Facebook Press Room show more than 1.6 million Facebook Pages are active and that 700,000 local businesses have dynamic Pages on Facebook.   The average Facebook user becomes a fan of 2 new Facebook Pages monthly.   Suppose your online business or company website is not represented on Facebook and promoted through fans and user content. In that case, you are preventing yourself from keeping up with the latest business strategies and internet marketing techniques.

Not sure where to begin with promoting your company on Social Media?

You’re not alone.  The latest social media marketing strategies can be overwhelming for any business owner.  The truth is, if you’re like most business owners, you are probably more than aware that everyone and every company around you are joining Facebook; you don’t have the time and energy it takes to create and maintain an effective social media marketing campaign.   

Thankfully, Genacom has incorporated social media marketing into its marketing service offering.  Website and online business owners can continue to keep up to date with the latest business strategies without taking time away from the core of their business, thanks to our team of Internet Marketing Specialists.  

Our marketing service plan includes support for content and article creation and distribution amongst the various popular social media websites, such as Facebook.  

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