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Webmaster Services

  • Client Provided Assets to be posted on the website as well as routine tasks performed

    • Content Updates
    • Graphic Design Updates
      • Mobile Website Updates
      • Data Entry
      • Application Operator
    • Any Specified Routine Tasks
      • Integration of off the shelf widgets
      • Maintenance is typically something that the client provides us to post/integrate on the website.
  • Genacom Provided Assets from our creative team for adding new features and upgrades to the website

    • Website Enhancements of any kind
    • Creation of new pages
      • Graphic Design Services
      • Logo/illustration/icon development
      • Printing Support
    • Copy Writing & Wordsmithing Services
      • Multimedia Services i.e. videos and sound files
      • Email, survey, feedback forms
      • Includes any improvements to the website

Website Application Support Services

  • This provides support to correct errors that occur in a dynamically generated site. Server errors are always a concern and having staff available to correct them is important. Now you have your own programming team to ensure your site stays error free.

    An increase in response times and pages loading more slowly are clear signs that your application requires optimization. Our team can help optimize your application and prevent possible failure.

    Our certified DBAs have the experience to address and correct problems with the listed supported databases.

    • Complete Error Free Code Support
      • 24/7 Support for error on the website
      • dotNet, PHP, CSS, Javascript Support
    • Code Tuning
      • Application Performance Tuning
      • Code/Database Monthly Tuning
    • Anytime DBA Support
    • Server Management
      • Installation and Configuration
      • Install/Configure Web Server
      • Install/Configure Services / Modules
      • Patching, Updates or Upgrades
    • Load Balancing Management

Asset Protection Services

  • Important for Ecommerce sites that accept credit cards and other private information

    • Security Management
      • Firewall Protection & Management
      • Server Security Auditing & Remediation
      • Hacker Protection Services & Remediation
      • Malware Protection
    • Website Compliancy
      • PCI - Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard
      • HIPAA - Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act
    • Server Monitoring
      • IP and Intrusion Detection Monitoring
      • Proactive Support for any down events
      • Preventative Log Analysis Support
    • Backup Management



Search Marketing

  • Getting on the 1st page of Google is one thing, staying there is another. Our White Hat SEO Experts provide ongoing optimization support to ensure you obtain and maintain top rankings in the Search Engines. From researching keywords to creating content and building links, we have the knowledge and experience necessary to get succesful results. Let us help you manage your natural search engine rankings with a custom Organic Search Marketing strategy.

    • Ongoing Organic SEO Support
      • Local SEO Support
      • Industry Research & Search Trends
    • Keyword Research & Planning
      • Creation of Meta Data
      • Integration of Meta Data
      • Creation of New Optimized Content
    • Optimization of Existing Content
      • Link Building Strategy
      • Link Building Support
      • Ongoing Analysis of Organic SEO Efforts
    • Monthly Search Engine Ranking Reports
      • Management of Google Webmaster Tools

Paid Marketing

  • Maximize your return on PPC advertising with ongoing management from Internet Marketing Professionals. We do more than set it and forget it ensuring that every opportunity for conversion is accounted for. From researching and analyzing your campaign goals to creating custom graphics and optimized content to distribute in top search engines and social networks - we've got you covered. You can count on us to provide ongoing consultation, reporting, and analysis of your PPC campaign goals.

    • Creation of Pay Per Click Advertisement
      • Ongoing Research and Analysis of Campaign Goals
    • Optimized Content for each Ad
      • Allocation of Budget for purchasing Ad space
      • Study and Maintain most successful campaigns
      • Adjust campaigns according to fluctuations in traffic
      • Update PPC ad copy, titles, and descriptions as needed
    • Create landing pages
      • Landing page analytics to ensure higher conversions and better ROI
      • Distribution of ads amongst top search engines and social networks
      • Weekly reporting via phone and email
      • Ongoing discussions and consultations
    • Analytics Management
    • Conversion analysis
      • Keyword reports/updates
      • Keyword analysis
  • Banner ads, a staple of digital marketing, offer several compelling benefits. They enhance brand visibility by placing your message in strategic online locations, ensuring it reaches a wide audience. With the ability to target specific demographics based on browsing behavior, interests, and location, banner ads can significantly increase the relevance of your marketing efforts, leading to higher engagement rates. The visual nature of banner ads helps in creating a lasting impression, aiding in brand recall. They also offer valuable insights through data analytics, allowing marketers to track performance and adjust strategies in real time for optimal results. Moreover, banner ads can be a cost-effective marketing solution with potential for a strong return on investment.

    • Creation of Pay Per Click Advertisement
      • Ongoing Research and Analysis of Campaign Goals
      • Creation of Custom Graphics for each banner Ad campaign
      • Creation of all sizes for best placement on pages
      • Remarketing setup and ongoing adjustments
    • Optimized Content for each Ad
      • Allocation of Budget for purchasing Ad space
      • Study and Maintain most successful campaigns
      • Adjust campaigns according to fluctuations in traffic
    • Analytics Management

Social Media Marketing

  • If you aren't engaging with your clients your competition will. Social Media is not only the way to connect with your fans its a great way to guard your internet reputation. Let us help you discover the best platforms to reach your target audience. We can create and manage your company profiles as well as help be your voice online.

    • Creation of Custom Social Profiles
      • Management of Social Profiles
      • Creation of Social Posts & Promotions
    • Social Networking and Fan Interaction
      • Local Business Internet Advertising
      • Event Promotion
      • Custom Social Graphics
    • Support for Facebook
    • Support for Twitter
      • Support for Google Places
      • Support for Yelp
      • Support for Linked In
      • Support for Pinterest
      • Support for Youtube
      • Support for other Industry Related Social Profiles

Development &
Website Design


Website Design

  • We offer custom web solutions that help you improve your online corporate image and offering. A professional presence tailored to your audience will help you increase sales, decrease costs, and improve your customer service. We will work with you to fully understand your requirements and then propose a solution encompassing all aspects of your company's online needs.

      • Design consultation
      • Market research
      • Demographic Penetration analysis
      • Cutting edge design samples that take in concideration internet trends
      • Intuitive usability research and integrations

Mobile Websites  & App Development

  • Our designers, programmers, and engineers are capable of developing anything for mobile devices. It is estimated that mobile advertising growth will continue at a rate of 10% each year throughout the next decade. With statistics like this, no business can afford not to jump on board.

    • Social App
      Mobile Apps
      Mobile Websites

Software Development

  • Creating custom web-based applications is our specialty. We will evaluate your application needs and propose the best solution for your budget. Our extensive experience includes not only the most popular programming languages and database engines, but the most appropriate ones for your specific needs.

    • Robust Solutions!
      • Specifications and all documentation for implemention of idea
      • Develop with scalable technologies such as .NET, PHP, Java, Flex
      • Complete system integration configuration for Windows and Unix servers
      • MSSQL, Oracle, or MySQL database solutions as required
      • External integration with remote systems
      • No restriction on development capabilities
    • eCommerce Services to help Increase Online Revenue Generation

      Our experienced team can create an e-commerce solution for any budget. Do you have special requirements that an off-the-shelf system can't handle? Do you want your website look carried throughout the entire checkout process? Do you have something special that requires a custom solution? Our ecommerce experts can develop a system that supports any requirements you might have, and provide your customers with an easy-to-use, well-organized, and most importantly, secure, store.

      We offer several e-commerce services that will make it easy for your customer to do business with you.

      • Present options and customize a scalable e-commerce system
      • Integrate custom high-end e-commerce solutions
      • Complete system integration configuration for Windows and Unix servers
      • MSSQL, Oracle, or MySQL database solutions as required
      • External integration with remote systems
      • Create custom e-commerce systems specifically for your business
** All prices are monthly, and could vary depending on size or type of website.Specialized service area, only performed by an industry expert.